Advanced Firearms I Training

Advanced Firearms I Training

 Advanced Pistol Class I is an intense 2-day firearms training course that focuses on tactical movement, rapid target acquisition, and develops the student’s skills in immediate action drills, rapid reloading, tactical reloading, and the building blocks for advanced shooting skills.  Skills will be developed in both a classroom setting and while on the range using dynamic actions with a semi-automatic pistol. 


Students will be instructed in situational awareness drills as well as tactical pistol skills that will enable them to quickly and efficiently engage targets, clear malfunctions, move effectively while performing multiple complex tasks. 


Because of the level of skill that is needed to develop and learn these skills, students should realize that this is a fast paced and physically demanding firearms training course! Students will be required to move, turn, pivot, kneel, and move from both a prone and supine position.  Students should arrive for class in good physical condition, have reliable equipment that they are familiar with and have solid marksmanship/pistol handling skills established prior to attending this firearms training course.

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